The glucose shot(s) is used for a task on day 5 of the Season of Me program. 

Before taking the sugar shot, you should fast for 8 hours prior to ingestion (water is OK as you fast).  We recommend fasting while you sleep, then taking the shot in the morning before breakfast.  

Once you take the shot, you should fast for an additional two hours as the app records your glucose response to the shot.

In order to log the glucose shot, please follow the instructions below. 

Please drink the whole bottle at once on Day 5. To log your glucose shot, please open your task page and click Day 5, you will see the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test experiment “Drink my sugar shots.” Simply click the “Log my glucola shot” option and it will automatically take you to the page where you usually log your food and drink. The sugar shot will appear in the meal logging cart with the correct serving size set automatically. When you finish your glucose shot, you can log it by tapping “log meal.”