You might be getting this error because we might not be getting enough data from you to activate this feature.
To activate this feature, the program needs the following: 
  • Please scan your CGM at least once every 8 hours; the device cannot hold more than 8 hours of data
  • Please wear your HRM 24/7, including while you sleep.  We suggest charging the device while in the shower or while preparing for the day
  • Please make at least 3 food logs per day.  
The January app needs three days of good data, with 20+ hours of overlapping CGM and HRM data with 3+ food logs to activate this feature.

Once the proper amount of data is collected, you can access your predicted curve by logging a food item and scrolling down to the “Glucose response” section. Then, change the drop down menu to “Me” to see your personalized response.

Please let us know if you have any questions by submitting a ticket at