People with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or are at risk for diabetes can still participate in the January app. People with other conditions may also be eligible.  People with type 1 diabetes or latent autoimmune diabetes are not eligible. We will determine your eligibility when you sign up for the app at no cost to you. If denied, and your prescriptions or conditions change at a later date, we invite you to sign up for the January app again.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) devices are a part of the January app. In the U.S. they are FDA cleared or approved for use for the management of diabetes and by persons with diabetes. Please complete the signup process to have a medical professional determine if you are eligible to wear a CGM.

To determine if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you must consult with your primary care physician and have a blood test or A1C test performed. If you are interested in learning more about your risk of diabetes, you can read more from the ADA here and the CDC here.