• January’s Season of Me is a guided 30-day program that helps you optimize your blood glucose intelligently by learning what works for your health, and implementing those insights into your daily life.
  • The Season of Me includes the January app, a telehealth consult, a 30-daysupply of CGMs, and a box of materials to enhance the program experience.  After the 30-day program, customers can continue using the January app for an additional 60 days to receive personalized food and activity recommendations.
  • A compatible heart rate monitor is also required to start the Season of Me.  If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, we will email you a link with purchase options.
  • During the Season of Me, we train a personalized glucose AI based on your food logs, heart rate, CGM readings, and other data.  This AI can accurately predict the effect of different foods and activities on your glucose for the next 33 hours.  Using these predictions, the AI recommends foods and activities designed to keep your blood glucose within a target range.  Over the 30 day program, you will receive daily tasks, customized metabolic scores, and midpoint reports scientifically designed to improve lifestyle choices and time-in-range, the key barometer of healthy blood glucose.

For more, read about the science behind January AI here.