From Abbott guidelines, if you are planning to travel by plane while wearing a CGM, please keep in mind that some airport full-body scanners include x-ray or millimeter radio waves may cause the CGM to malfunction. To avoid removing or malfunctioning your sensor, please let the TSA or the international security agent know that you are wearing a CGM and want to be manually checked. However, if you have to go through a full-body scanner, you must remove your CGM. The system can be exposed to common electrostatic (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI), including airport metal detectors. Lastly, you can safely use your system at all times while on an aircraft.

If you are concerned about your health at any time based on the CGM readings, please contact your primary care physician or urgent care immediately.  If, for any reason, a medical professional instructs you to remove the device, please do so, then contact our support team for additional help.