We get it - there are lots of options out there related to personalized health. While there are many companies that use CGMs, they do not offer suggestions about how to use that data to make decisions and create long lasting change - and we do! 

Through January's highly advanced proprietary machine learning algorithm, our Season of Me program helps you determine what's next - beyond just seeing your blood sugar data - and offers suggestions for behavior change. We can equip you with insights to help you make better decisions once our AI has learned about your unique glucose levels through a series of experiments at the start. And our AI continues to learn, so at any time, day or night, we can predict how any particular food is going to affect your blood sugar and offer guidance on what to do if your levels spike. 

Need an example? Let's say you want pizza for dinner. In the January app, you can input your pizza of choice and see a predictive glucose curve that shows how your glucose levels would respond to that pizza - you notice it might cause a spike, but you decide to indulge. Once you’ve eaten that pizza and logged it in the January app, you see that it did indeed cause your levels to spike. Season of Me would show you how you could stabilize your glucose levels after eating the pizza in the future (e.g., exercise, or paired with another food). Next time you want pizza, you know how your body will likely respond, and can consciously make decisions about meals and activities!