Great question! When deciding which path to pick for your program, there are two main differences you should consider: how much flexibility you want, and your experience level with metabolic health. 

The Discover path is a more structured program with daily ‘experiments’ that is geared towards people who are just starting their metabolic journey and looking to learn more about blood sugar control, metabolic health, and their unique body responses to food and activity. The tasks and experiments in this path are meant to educate and help you practice small habits that add up to long-lasting behavior change. During this path, you’ll use both your CGMs back-to-back during the first month of Season of Me. 

The Optimize path is a highly-flexible program that allows people who are already fairly familiar with fundamentals of metabolic health to focus on digging even deeper into scientific insights through daily programming. There are no structured experiments in this path, (though you can ask and we’ll share!) but we provide guiding information to help you work towards optimal personalized metabolic fitness. During this path, you’ll use your first CGM to gather data and build your AI model during the first two weeks, but you can decide to use your second CGM at any point in the remainder of your 90 day program to measure your progress.

Please remember that once you have selected your path during self-guided onboarding and started the program you will not be able to switch to the other path - but, no matter what, you’re bound to learn and grow on your metabolic journey!